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Self-Guided WhatsApp walking tours through the Netherlands!

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Are you tired of traditional guided walking tours, that limit your flexibility, as you’re bound by a fixed schedule and route? The group size that hinders personalized experiences, making it challenging to engage with the guide or explore at your own pace?

With SmartWalk you’re no longer bound by a rigid schedule or predefined route! Experience the freedom to spend extra time at breathtaking spots, indulging in the beauty of your surroundings at your own pace. You have the freedom to discover hidden gems, and capture unique moments.

You’ll receive €25.00 worth of discount vouchers, indulge in local experiences, and earn points by answering questions along the way.

Book SmartWalk now for an immersive, personalized adventure tailored to your preferences and interests.

Discover hidden gems

SmartWalk guides you through a city and past all sorts of hidden gems!

Receive discount vouchers

During the SmartWalk you'll receive discount vouchers to the value of €25,00!

100% via WhatsApp

SmartWalk guides you via WhatsApp. You'll walk at your own pace, whenever you want!


Incredible self-guided walking tours across The Netherlands

How to get started?

1. Choose a SmartWalk you like

Choose a SmartWalk that you want to do. Every SmartWalk is on a different location and has a different theme!

2. Click on 'book now'

Choose a SmartWalk that you want to do. Every SmartWalk is on a different location and has a different theme!

3. Pay in WhatsApp

The payment takes place in WhatsApp. You can pay with IDeal or Credit Card!

Experience the Summer program in Egmond aan Zee!

From July through September 2023, the summer program will start in Egmond aan Zee! With the SmartWalk Egmond aan Zee you get discounts of up to €100,00 on all kinds of cool summer activities.
Kite making, archery tag, bingo, pub quiz and much more!

Would you also like to receive such discounts for the summer program?
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vuurotren van speijk egmond aan zee zomerprogramma


Most frequent questions and answers

The SmartWalk is a walking tour and a treasure hunt all in one. It allows you to discover a region or city together with friends, family, colleagues or alone in an interactive and innovative way.

You can do the SmartWalk in a group or on your own. We recommend a group size of up to 4 people per SmartWalk for the best experience.

No, but tips are given for fun activities or museums near a location. All locations in the walk can be visited for free, whether from outside or not. At some locations, tickets can be bought at a discount or discounts are given when purchasing certain products or services.

The SmartWalk takes between 2 and 4 hours. This depends on how many sights, museums, restaurants or shops you want to visit during the tour. So you can make the tour last as long as you like.

For a SmartWalk, you will need a smartphone with a stable internet connection and WhatsApp. Make sure your smartphone is sufficiently charged.

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