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Explore cities in a way that will suit you perfectly! During this walking tour, you discover the city at your own pace. You’ll uncover captivating stories behind famous landmarks and hidden gems. And all you need is your trusted smartphone as your personal guide.

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SmartWalk Self-Guided Walking Tours

Discover your favourite city! During this walking tour, you will discover a city at your own pace. You will discover fascinating stories behind famous sights and hidden gems. And all you need is your trusty smartphone as your personal guide! Meet SmartWalk: an incredibly convenient way to independently explore world-famous cities.

With SmartWalk, you immerse yourself in the rich cultural history, architecture and local stories of different cities, all via WhatsApp!

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Frequently asked questions about SmartWalk

The SmartWalk is a walking tour and a treasure hunt all in one. It allows you to discover a region or city together with friends, family, colleagues or alone in an interactive and innovative way.

For a SmartWalk, you will need a smartphone with a stable internet connection and WhatsApp. Make sure your smartphone is sufficiently charged.

A SmartWalk takes between 2 and 4 hours. This depends on how many sights, museums, restaurants or shops you want to visit during the tour. So you can make the tour last as long as you like.

Self-Guided walking tours through Europe

Explore cities in a unique and captivating way. Discover the fascinating tales hidden behind a city’s hidden gems and must-see attractions by exploring it at your own pace. All you need as your trustworthy guide is your smartphone!

Presenting SmartWalk, an innovative concept that lets you freely travel beloved cities. Through WhatsApp, SmartWalk takes you on an enthralling journey where you can learn about its rich cultural past.

Along with providing information about well-known locations, this immersive tour asks challenging questions and lets you earn points along the way!

Cool pictures will appear in your WhatsApp at every stop, ready for you to download straight to your phone. Show off your SmartWalk adventure to friends and family by simply sharing your discoveries with them!

SmartWalk stands out due to its high degree of flexibility and interactivity. You choose when to start your walk and begin this amazing journey. The languages that SmartWalk is available in are Dutch, English, German, Spanish, and French.

Are you ready for the immersive city tour of the future? Set out on your SmartWalk journey right now!