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Teach your students about culture with SmartWalk Education

Do you want your students to learn more about the city they have already walked through so many times or do you want to teach them more about the rich history of the Netherlands through fun questions? Then SmartWalk Education is something for your educational institution!

Be surprised by the new way of discovering a city and walk yourself smarter with SmartWalk!

Perfect for your lesson plan!

Would you like to offer the SmartWalk to your students? Very awesome! Since the SmartWalk is an online product, a lot is possible in terms of tailoring the SmartWalk for education.

With the SmartWalk, you can immediately tick off several requirements for a suitable cultural activity:

  • Sustainability; by not using any materials, SmartWalk is a sustainable product
  • Flexibility (customised); the SmartWalk can be customised to your wishes and learning goals
  • Focus on culture and history; students will learn more about Dutch history and culture in a fun way

Discover a city together with your students with SmartWalk! During this walking tour, you explore a city at your own pace, revealing fascinating stories behind famous landmarks and hidden gems. All you need is a smartphone as your personal guide.

Meet SmartWalk, an extremely convenient way to explore cities independently, perfect for educational purposes. With SmartWalk, students are immersed in the rich cultural history, architecture and local stories of several Dutch cities, all via WhatsApp!

This walking tour goes beyond just providing information about famous places. It keeps students engaged through engaging questions that allow them to earn points as they progress, making the learning process even more interesting for them!

What makes SmartWalk unique is that you are in control. You decide when to start your exploration and engage in this incredible educational experience. And did you know that SmartWalk is available in several languages, including Dutch, English, German, Spanish and French?

So, are you ready to explore a city in a whole new and educational way? Start your unforgettable SmartWalk adventure with your class now. Prepare to be amazed and experience the city like never before!

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