About us

About SmartWalk

SmartWalk is designed so that you and your friends or family can discover a city or region in an unique way, without a real guide. You explore on foot and stop at different locations. At all of the locations you’ll get interesting information, tips and more! The SmartWalk features questions, which you can earn points for, pictures, videos and great tips and discounts!

To start the SmartWalk, you will need a smartphone with a stable internet connection. Also you’ll need to have WhatsApp installed. 

You can book a SmartWalk via our website at various locations in various languages.

Explore at your own pace, take time to lunch with one of our vouchers, relax or enjoy the view. By being a self-guided tour, you can take all the time you need! The route takes about 2 to 2,5 hours.

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Our story

After the corona crisis in 2020 and 2021, we saw a change in tourism and the way people started travelling. Travelling in large groups became less and less common and individual tourism skyrocketed. We saw an opportunity there and decided to develop a walking tour for the individual. In doing so, we wanted to take into account the convenience and approachability a tourist is looking for, but at the same time made sure it was refreshing and exciting to experience. Thus, SmartWalk was born. With the convenience of a tour in WhatsApp or SMS and the experience as if you were walking with a real guide!

Because we think it is important to offer an authentic experience, we also like to collaborate with local organisations and businesses to make the experience even richer!

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer exceptional walking tours via your smartphone that embody the spirit of adventure, culture and nature. We inspire travelers to step off the beaten path, away from the crowds and limitations of traditional guided tours. Leveraging technology and innovation, we provide self-guided WhatsApp hiking tours that enable people to explore at their own tempo, uncover captivating locations, and forge a deeper connection with nature and culture. Our hiking tours serve as a source of enriching experiences, where every step marks a new journey of self-discovery and wonder.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide hiking enthusiasts with the ultimate freedom and enchantment of independent exploration. We aim to revolutionize the hiking experience, empowering individuals to discover the world at their own pace and in their own unique way. We believe in the power of personal discoveries, unveiling hidden gems, and creating unforgettable moments that last a lifetime.