SmartWalk Customized

Customize SmartWalk for your business!

SmartWalk Customized is the branch of SmartWalk that focuses on making customized SmartWalks for businesses.

This can be designed in several ways, completely according to the company’s own requirements. SmartWalk Customized ensures that visitors visit the sights you want them to see and walk the routes you want them to walk.

Discount vouchers and tips for attractions, shops, or restaurants can be integrated, branded in any desired style. The duration of the SmartWalk can be fully customized, ensuring everyone can return to the meeting point on time.

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Do you want to offer SmartWalk to your employees? That’s possible! Because SmartWalk is an online product, there are many possibilities for customizing SmartWalk.

SmartWalk not only uses WhatsApp, but also webpages that can display certain information. 
These webpages can have different functions:

  • Registration: The visitor must leave their details before they can start the SmartWalk (which details you decide).
  • City selection: The visitor can choose which city they would like to experience the SmartWalk.
  • Language selection: The visitor can indicate the desired language for the SmartWalk.
  • Explanation: A short piece of text gives an explanation, for example, about how SmartWalk works.


All these webpages can be combined with each other. Various types of media can also be added, such as photos and videos.
In this way, for example, your company’s logo can be included, or a short video directed towards the employee from your company.

It’s also possible to add custom-made media, questions, or information within the SmartWalk itself (in WhatsApp).

Additionally, we can provide links and/or QR codes that lead directly to these webpages, or even directly to the WhatsApp environment.