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What will you experience?

Welcome to London, the vibrant metropolis known as the “City of Dreams” and the “Cultural Capital of the World.” London is a city that has captivated visitors for centuries with its rich history, diverse culture, and iconic landmarks. From the grand Buckingham Palace and the majestic Tower of London to the bustling Trafalgar Square and the iconic Tower Bridge, London offers a captivating blend of history, modernity, and cosmopolitan charm.

Immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant atmosphere as you stroll along the charming streets of Covent Garden, where street performers and bustling markets create a lively ambiance. Explore the trendy neighborhoods of Shoreditch and Camden Town, where a fusion of art, fashion, and eclectic eateries awaits.

With the SmartWalk London, you will discover the gems of London and you’ll be guided through parts you’d never see otherwise. At each location you’ll receive interesting information and fun questions!

In between, enjoy yourself on a terrace and visit the locations you’ll receive as tips during the SmartWalk! You can start the SmartWalk at any time of the day and do it at your own pace. Everything goes 100% via WhatsApp.

Book the SmartWalk now, and discover your way!

£ 14,95

£ 9,95

per SmartWalk

Average duration: 2,5 hours

Starting point: Tower Bridge Viewpoint

Languages available:

Earn points

At almost every location, you'll get a question. Earn points by answering the questions right and play against your friends!


SmartWalk is a walking tour via WhatsApp. All you need is a charged smartphone and WhatsApp installed.

Great tips

During the SmartWalk you'll receive tips for various shops, restaurants and museums.

Photos and videos

During the SmartWalk you'll receive pretty pictures and videos of the locations.

Enjoy London

The SmartWalk London guides you through the capitol of the United Kingdom. London is one of the most famous European capitals and for good reason! This beautiful city is full of things to discover.

How to get started?

1. Choose a SmartWalk you like

Choose a SmartWalk that you want to do. Every SmartWalk is on a different location and has a different theme!

2. Click on 'book now'

Click on the book now button. You’ll be directed to the language selection. Once you’ve chosen your language, you’ll be directed to WhatsApp.

3. Pay in WhatsApp

The payment takes place in WhatsApp. You can pay with IDeal or Credit Card!

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Enjoyed this during my stay in the Netherlands! Nice to do with your family, during the walking tour you come by a lot of nice stores and restaurants which made this very pleasant. Definitely would recommend it!”

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London discover walking tour self-guided smartphone tower bridge London eye
London discover walking tour self-guided smartphone tower bridge London eye
London discover walking tour self-guided smartphone tower bridge London eye