5 practical tips for your trip to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a perfect destination if you are looking for a cultural trip with plenty of interesting things to do as a traveler. With nice restaurants and cosy public spaces and, of course, beautiful sights. Amsterdam is truly one of my favorite places and as a Dutchman, I love being there. Still, we often hear that when travelers go to Amsterdam, there are some things they would have liked to know beforehand. That’s why we take you through and give you the 5 practical tips for your trip to Amsterdam.

7 places to visit on a trip to Zaanse Schans

Zaanse Schans is, of course, a much-visited tourist attraction. Around 2 million tourists pass through the open-air museum every year. It is part of the Zaanse heritage, so you can walk around it and see much of it for free. However, many people don’t know that much of the Zaanse Schans was just placed there, and has not been there since the Middle Ages. So most of the mills, Zaanse houses and crafts were moved there later, just after World War II, in order to preserve the Zaanse heritage. Nevertheless, it is a nice representation of old Dutch culture in the Zaan region. 

Mijn Smart Reis

Hey daar, welkom bij mijn blog! Ik ben Kim en ik neem je mee in de wirwar van afstuderen, werken bij SmartWalk en het veroveren van de wereld van professionele groei. 📸 Passies Laat me je meenemen naar mijn drie grootste passies: fotografie, paardrijden en reizen. Fotografie vind ik superleuk, omdat ik er lekker creatief…